Arabian Horses For Sale
Straight Russian Arabian Bloodstock
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Arabian Horses For Sale
Straight Russian Breeding Stock
This herd represents several generations of linebreeding.   Their pedigrees uncommon our horses are uniquely bred to produce World Class Arabians. Tracing in lineage to the Arabian Horses from the Tersk Stud in Russia they have the Conformation of Champions.
Our Arabian horses have a proud heritage which has been tested over time. They have the lineage of outstanding performance proven on the race track in Russia. Handsome horses, they are elegant in movement, regal in stature. Intelligent, they enjoy the company of humans.
The Get of Staccato have the Conformation of Champions with the elegance, beauty and stamina that the Arabian horse is known for.
Available for Purchase:
Breeding Stock: Straight Russian Mares and Stallions available for purchase.
Performance Prospects and Sporthorses: Having excellent conformation and sound minds our horses make wonderful partners with which to compete.
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