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*FA Staccato daughter Straight Russian 15 Hands
Out of a *Muscat daughter
*FA Staccato daughters :
HHanna 12( 1-5-0-1 ) and Full-sister Reunion. Both are 15' 3 Straight Russian
Tall and Elegant, they are outstanding individual's ...  A living memorial to their Dam *Talina RASB (a Nabeg daughter). They are full sisters to Stacctabay.
HHanna Win Photo
Reunion gave birth to a filly 5/26/02 by Momentous (*Moment by *Salon by Negatiw  x *Muzza by Aswan ex *Magnolia an Arax daughter)
Mommesin 15 ( 1-3-4-3 ) by *FA Staccato. Win Photo.  Her Dam Mama, was by *Magnificent(a full brother to U.S. Nat.'l Champion *Marsianin and *Mag). *Magnificent died an untimely death leaving very few foals. He was a big powerful Bay standing 15'3 hands tall. Mommesin recently finished 3rd in her first endurance out (a 50 mile ride in Texas trained by Alyx Luck).
Freemark Abbey's Daughter
by *FA Staccato
Mistseva a very  feminine Mare of Aswan lineage
*Nepovtorimaia SR Grey 6/15/76 #215466
(*Muscat by *Salon x Novinka RASB by Arax PASB/RASB ex Novizna RASB)
lineage Naseem/Priboj/Arax.  *Muscat was 1980 U.S. and Canadian Nat.l Ch. he was a full brother to the Stakes Sire *Moment (both are now deceased).
*Amira Tamara SR Chestnut 2/25/80 #204151
(*El Kasaka by Patron by Aswan x*Teanaa by Polus RASB by Aswan ex Madia RASB) lineage Aswan/Priboj/Kann/Arax   2 x The French Korej. Broodmare Balanced very powerful mare with loving disposition. $1,000
*Moschka SR Grey 4/17/81 #236855
(*Moment by *Salon x *Moskwichka RASB by Aswan ex Madia RASB)
lineage Naseem/Priboj/Aswan/Arax. Broodmare Produces the pretty of Aswan the power of Priboj.  $1,000
Freemark Abbey  3/10/85  #332655
(Black Russian by *Pietuszok by Priboj x Siberia by*Ptersk RASB ex Kobreena. Lineage Priboj/Aswan/Arax/Naseem/Ofir. Broodmare Exceptional conformation from the esteemed Russian mare Ptashka. Has powerhouse foals. Kind disposition.
Annastazsiaa SR Grey 3/12/86 #399235
(*Londonn by *Namiet x *Nepovtorimaia RASB by *Muscat RASB ex Novinka RASB) Lineage Priboj/Arax /Naseem *Londonn's Dam was a Pomeranets RASB daughter) In foal to RamboBey the Bey Shah son for 2002.  Linebred, she is our most consistent broodmare. Her foals have both power and type. She is an excellent mare.  $4,500 in foal to RamboBey for 2003
SOLD TW MS Moment 6/44(8-5-4-8) Chest.3/26/86 #371116
(*Moment RASB x Apre Po by Posejdon ex Fixy Gale (*Serafix line )
 lineage Naseem/Priboj/Ofir. She has raced with and beaten the French mare Vanessa du Loup. Outstanding athlete, extremely long and powerful hip.
Mistseva Grey 5/10/86 #377500
(*Nastasi by Neman x Torissama by N Natoro ex Riss A May)
lineage Aswan/*Silver Drift/ Nabeg. Feminine, a lovely mare she will produce halter foals.  $3,500
SOLD SS Nellie Bly 4/39(6-6-2)3-4  3/14/86 #367014
(*Negor by Negatiw x Manor Hill Delila by *Dampol ex Scholom)
Pure Polish of  primarily Skowronek lineage.  Twice Darley Nominee
1 x Priboj in the 4th line tail male through his son *Pietuszok. Stakes mares are rare and valuable.  Pretty, she's also powerful, having the body equal to her outstanding race record. Involved in racing she should be in your herd.
RD Paloukira SR Grey 3/388 #420281
(*Aboukir HT by Abdullahhh by Patron x *Paluba by Aswan ex Pustinia)
lineage Aswan/Arax/Priboj  3 x Aswan   Tall (15'2+) and beautiful a World Class Arabian mare. 3/4 sister to RD Five Star  
HHanna 3/12(1-5-0-1) SR Bay 4/27/88 #425120
(*FA Staccato x*Talina RASB by Nabeg ex Trapecia RASB (Pomeranets daughter) Lineage Arax/Priboj/Kann/Naseem    4 x Priboj  2 x Nabeg. Tall (15'3) and elegant. The best of Arax and Priboj. Compete or breed.
Reunion SR Bay 5/1/89 #442491
(*FA Staccato x*Talina RASB by Nabeg RASB ex Trapecia(Pomeranets daughter) Lineage Arax/Priboj/Kann/Naseem     4 x Priboj  2 x Nabeg Tall (15'3) and elegant. The best of Arax and Priboj. Produced a filly 5/26/02
Mommesin 2/15(1-3-4-3) Grey 5/26/89 #441306
(*FA Staccato x Mama by *Magnificent RASB by Aswan ex Silver Contessina)
*Magnificent a full brother to U.S. National Champion *Marsianin.
Lineage Arax/Priboj/Kann/Aswan/Naseem.  Powerhouse, very pretty having exceptional endurance. Compete or Breed. In training with Alyx Luck.
Ecstacctic SR Chestnut 2/12/93 #502378
(*FA Staccato x  *Nepovtorimaia RASB by *Muscat RASB ex Novinka RASB)
lineage Arax/Priboj/Kann/Naseem . A lovely mare, exceptional conformation, linebred to the best. Compete or Breed.  $4,500
Stacctinacity Grey 7/6/94 #548946
(*FA Staccato x Star Flare by Driftsun ex Silver Flare) Silver Flare was a Canadian National Champion Park Horse. lineage Arax/Priboj/Kann/Naseem. Full sister to PPassito, Half-sister to our Stake Mare Ptinsel. In training with Randy Eiland.
Legend: *FA Staccato is by Prononce the Nabeg son out of *Statistika the Topol daughter.  RASB is the Russian Arabian Stud Book .. PASB is the Polish Arabian Stud Book .. " by" is used in reference to the Mare's Sire (also used here to show the Sire of a Sire) .. ex is used in reference to the 2nd Dam in lineage of subject horse .. SR = Straight Russian Lineage, descended from Arabians selected for breeding by the Tersk Stud in Russia .. PP = Pure Polish Lineage descended from Arabians selected for breeding by the Polish Studs.
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